Vocationally, Bill has been engaged in homeland security at the federal, state, and local level, which provides him with a unique understanding of complex policy issues, as well as the support, training, and resources needed to protect our families. Over 20 years ago, he joined the United States Navy as an enlisted sailor, working his way up to chief petty officer. Upon earning his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland, he was commissioned as an intelligence officer and Naval Special Warfare Intelligence Officer. He proudly fought for our country during Operation Desert Storm, Operation Desert Shield, and Operation Desert Provide Comfort prior to his retirement from Naval Special Warfare Group TWO.

After his naval career, Bill easily transitioned into the corporate environment, leveraging his operational, technical, and tactical skills into the business world. In 1999 he joined AMTI, headquartered in Virginia Beach, as senior vice president and co-owner, where he helped transform this 20-person defense-technology corporation into a leading national supplier of professional and technical services with over 600 employees, 6 satellite offices, and 23 additional client-site locations. AMTI was recognized as the ninth fastest growing business in Virginia (2003) and continues to flourish as a direct result of his leadership and guidance.

In late December of 2006, AMTI was sold to SAIC Inc., a 45,000-person, $9 billion company. This was truly an American success story. Today, Bill mentors neighboring companies, to help enhance the local economy and provide new job opportunities.

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