Elevate Virginia is a movement sent to help raise Virginia’s economy using a strong workforce. Elevate Virginia strives to help Virginians with a network with the tools you need such as business, education, and workforce partners. These tools will lead you to jobs and a career of lifelong progression. The workforce programs will train you with business services helping you gain knowledge preparing you for the future. All ages are connected and will be a part of Elevate Virginia. Elevate Virginia helps to make sure people relate to the jobs they need.


Skills for Jobs and Business Growth 

The power that comes from Elevate Virginia is sourced in Commonwealth’s and their businesses. The workforce is on the move when it comes to new companies moving or relocating. The strength of the workforce is a concern brought from most companies. The strength of Virginia’s future economy depends on the readiness of a professionally trained workforce. These complex jobs must be filled and ready. This will mark the 21st century economy.


Virginia’s answer for the economy’s take off will be Elevate Virginia. Elevate Virginia has a powerful partnership with the workforce making sure there is a high-quality network. This network is a public/private program development. In every way the commonwealth will become stronger while connecting jobs with jobs they have now and jobs they might have in the future.


Elevate Virginia focuses on bringing a stronger workforce for solutions. Elevate Virginia also engages with local and state leadership on labor demands, the training capacity of schools, workforce investments boards, and the Virginia Employment Commission. There are much more such as high skilled jobs, high wage jobs, and community-based organizations that Elevate Virginia focuses on. 


About the Virginia Board of Workforce Development

The Virginia Board of Workforce Development is a board that creates a strong workforce that supplies each employer directly with their needs. The workforce is a lead for business needs and acts as an advisor for the governor.


For Career Seekers

Are you looking for a new career? Want to expand or cultivate your career? Elevate Virginia is the place to be and we will find you a job. We will train to find the job you want or help you get the education you would like to go after.


Career Readiness Certificate

Today most businesses must be very accurate with future employees. They must make sure you have the skills you say you have. Obtaining a CRC will prove to many employers that you are a beneficial applicant. These will expand all odds for landing the position you want.


Rapid Response

Rapid Response assists Virginia workers who have been let go from work, they will help get them back on their feet after a company downsizing or closing for good. 


Veteran Programs

We have over 800 thousand veterans that call Virginia home and we are proud of that. These veterans put the workforce first for employment, guidance, and certain placement programs. These are all crucial to the Virginia Workforce.


One-Stop Centers

Virginia’s Workforce can help obtain the resources you need to help search for jobs, careers, and help enhance professional skills. There are One Stop Career Centers if there is one close by, they may assist you with knowledge and improve skills for you and help you find a new career. There are nearly 70 One Stop Centers in Virginia.



If you need help with your employees to help your business, you must go to the Virginia Workforce. We will help you through hard times with employing, preparation, and growth within your company. You must benefit from the help of the state’s supplies. The help is at your fingertips. 


Rapid Response

Occasionally businesses need to let people go and take them off the team. Rapid Response is the helping hand for unemployed people facing a downsize. They will provide job searches and more services.


Career Readiness Certificate

You can use the help from your certificate as a part of your assessment. These will help you dictate your skills whether you have the math or reading knowledge you are required to have for the job.