Virginia Economic Development Partnership

As a partner in Virginia’s TalentConnect workforce development system, The Virginia Economic Development Partnership’s Virginia Jobs Investment Program (VJIP) provides services and funding to companies creating new jobs or experiencing technological change. As a business development incentive supporting economic development since 1965, VJIP reduces the human resource development costs of new and expanding companies.

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How can VJIP help you?

Expanding or New to Virginia Businesses: VJIP serves as the portal to talent for your company.

Major Businesses: VJIP offers direct funding for training for new hires, as well as consultative services for coordination of Virginia’s primary workforce and talent partners (VEC, VCCS, and VWB) to support economic development projects.

Small Businesses: VJIP offers direct funding for training for new hires for companies with less than 250 employees.

Colleges: VJIP provides a conduit for delivering the higher education message to economic development projects.

Agencies: VJIP integrates Virginia’s workforce agencies’ services to efficiently support economic development projects.

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