Thomas L. Walker is the President of Web Teks, a leading online and mobile research and strategy development firm. As a career military officer, Mr. Walker managed the extensive programming and web enablement of computer systems to support both U.S. and international Special Forces. Mr. Walker leveraged this experience and built a tightly woven team of high-achieving professionals who have helped Web Teks grow to the successful company it is today. Under his leadership, the Web Teks client list has grown to over five hundred satisfied customers spanning four continents and eleven countries. Web Teks’ success has been recognized in numerous regional and national magazines.

As a result of his research, The Point of Mobile Confluence, Mr. Walker was tapped as an advisor to the White House on innovative technologies and their impact on the emerging workforce. He is credited with discovering the intersection at which the increase in mobile technologies and the mass integration of social media converge to become the 21st century’s most powerful business opportunity.

Prior to joining Web Teks in 2001, Tom served as both an enlisted sailor and commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy. After completion of the Naval Nuclear Power training program in 1996, he served multiple tours on submarines and as an instructor at the Naval Nuclear Power Training Unit in Charleston, South Carolina. In 1995, Mr. Walker was selected for commissioning in the first class of the highly competitive Seaman to Admiral Program, graduating first in his class from Officer Candidate School in Pensacola, Florida. During his career, Mr. Walker planned and executed several joint force missions in support of real-world operations in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Mr. Walker is equally passionate about his community and serves on several regional boards. Additionally, he provides financial and volunteer assistance to dozens of other organizations and is a frequent speaker at various corporate and organizational events.

Mr. Walker is married to Dyanne Evans Walker of South Carolina and has two sons, Justin and Austin. With what little free time is left, Mr. Walker has been spotted attempting to play golf.

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