Nathaniel “Nat” Marshall is from Central Virginia – born and attended schools in Bedford County. He is a product of Lynchburg College and eventually settled in the mid-town area of the city. He has worked for B&W, the largest employer in Campbell County, for over 30 years. He married “into” Amherst County where he sends his daughters to school.

Nat’s journey with workforce development began almost 30 years ago when he accepted a position in Human Resources. Corporate community relations led Nat to work with state, regional, and local organizations. He has served on the Community College’s State Board for 8 years and the local board for Central Virginia Community College for about 10 years – and counting. After serving about 12 years with the Region 7 Workforce Board, he now has the opportunity to serve on the Virginia Board of Workforce Development.

Nat is engaged in a number of other organizations throughout the area with the simple purpose of making a small difference in his community.

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