Bruce Phipps, a 40-year Goodwill veteran has served as President and CEO of Goodwill Industries of the Valleys, Inc. (Roanoke, VA) since July 2003.

An Ohio native, Bruce served Goodwill Industries in Wooster, Ohio, for 12 years as CEO. Mr. Phipps has 31 years’ experience as CEO and was credited with founding Goodwill Industries in Abilene, Texas. His Goodwill service includes chairing Goodwill’s National Conference of Executives and serving on Goodwill Industries International Board of Directors. Other accomplishments include serving as President of the Ohio Goodwill Association, Chair of the Mid Atlantic Goodwill Industries Coalition and Chair of the Virginia Goodwill Network. He was awarded the Goodwill Industries International’s JD Robbins Distinguished Career Award in 2009.

His background with Goodwill has given him extensive administrative and management experience in all core businesses of Goodwill, which include Donated Good/Retail Development, Industrial Contracts and Outsourcing, Workforce Development Services and Public Policy.

Under Bruce’s leadership Goodwill Industries of the Valleys, Inc. (GIV) has continued to expand work opportunities and last year the organization served 87,000 individuals with employment barriers with total revenues exceeding $52M. Bruce Phipps is a governor appointed member to the Virginia Board for Workforce Development (2012) and the State Rehabilitation Council (2014).

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