Are you looking for a consistent and objective measure of basic workplace skills in order to make the best decision in hiring and retraining employees? Look no further than the Career Readiness Certificate (CRC).

The CRC, based on ACT’s WorkKeys Assessments, is a portable skills credential, ensuring employers of a job seeker’s skills. It is a clear standardized tool to assess the competencies of potential and current employees in the workplace skills areas of:

  • Reading for Information
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Locating Information

The certificate levels indicate readiness for job success as:

  • BRONZE signifies that a recipient possesses skills that support success for 30% of likely jobs.
  • SILVER signifies the recipient possesses skills for 65% of jobs.
  • GOLD signifies the recipient possesses skills for 90% of jobs.

The assessments are based on job profiles identifying the basic employability skills for over 17,500 jobs. Skill-gap training is also available to assist individuals to improve their award levels.

The Governor-endorsed CRC is supported by the Virginia Workforce Council, Chamber of Commerce, AFL-CIO, the Virginia Manufacturers Association and many Virginia businesses.


The CRC can assist employers and trainers to:

  • Decrease turnover, overtime and waste
  • Take the “guesswork” out of the selection process
  • Identify gaps between students skills and employment needs
  • Gain more efficiency from your training practices
  • Improve participants’ success and increase the bottom line


The opportunity to earn a CRC is available through Virginia’s Community Colleges and local One-Stop Centers.
Find more information on the Career Readiness Certificate Web site.

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