Our top priority is to help Virginia businesses grow and stay competitive. To make it seamless for
businesses to access the vast array of resources Virginia has to offer, we have Business Services
Representatives available to help you address workforce related needs. This assistance is free of charge.

Click the map below for a list of Business Service Representatives.


Sample List of Services
(Check with a Business Services Representative for full list.)

Recruitment, Screening & Placement Assessment

  • Advertise your job opportunities
  • Assess applicants or provide guidance in selecting tools
  • Screen applicants & offer interviewing space
  • Conduct target recruitments/job fairs

Training & Education for Current Workforce

  • Customized training and education
  • GED, Adult Basic Literacy or English as a Second Language classes
  • Assessment of current workforce
  • Registered apprenticeship program Business Development and Incentives
  • Labor market information and analysis
  • Consultative services and job coaching for employees with disabilities
  • Training funds and incentive-based employee placement opportunities
  • Services to assist companies with devising layoff avoidance strategies or to provide immediate aid to companies and workers after a layoff

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