WIA/WIOA Statewide Performance

The Adult and Dislocated Worker Program, under Title I of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, is designed to provide quality employment and training services to assist eligible individuals in finding and qualifying for meaningful employment, and to help employers find the skilled workers they need to compete and succeed in business.The scorecard was developed in partnership with the Virginia Workforce Council in an effort to understand how locally operated WIA programs perform. The expected outcome of the scorecard is to provide a tool that will:

  • Provide easy to access data on the performance of WIA/WIOA programs;
  • Identify areas of improvement for the system and
  • Facilitate policy and decision making for stakeholders of the system.

Supply & Demand Dashboard

This dashboard captures the occupational supply and demand for the 15 Virginia Workforce Development Areas. The demand data come from Burning Glass Technologies. They have a unique “spidering” technology that captures more than 90 percent of all job postings from the internet – from job posting sites such as Monster.com, as well as the postings that businesses post on their own websites. They also disaggregate the number of job postings by detailed occupation, in order to determine which occupations are in high demand – and vise-versa.This interactive model enables users to:

  • Select which area / region they are interested in (or all of them)
  • Select clusters of occupations – by level of study – and drill down to more specific occupations within each cluster. For each, the top skills and certifications requested by employers will be displayed.
  • View institutions and workforce credential grant program offerings by region and career area.
  • Download the images and tables from the model.

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